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Chronic Pain / Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain / Rehabilitation

How can a psychologist help a person with chronic pain?

As no one can see pain, people who experience chronic pain often feel alone in their suffering. Some find that the legitimacy of their pain is questioned. Given the impact pain can have on one's quality of life, it is no surprise that more than 25% of all people who develop chronic pain also experience significant depression or anxiety.

Psychological techniques and intervention strategies have been proven to help those with chronic pain improve the quality of their lives, become more active, feel less depressed and anxious, and feel more in control of their lives. Even though they continue to have pain, it is more manageable. Research and clinical experience indicate that emotional and cognitive (thought) factors can affect an individual's rehabilitation following physical injury and the performance of activities of daily living. Under the direction of Dr. Carlo Vigna, we offer a variety of rehabilitation assessment and treatment services including:

  • Assessment and therapy services for individuals with chronic pain problems, emotional coping difficulties, or physical disabilities.
  • General personality assessment to identify the client’s reactions to traumatic events.
  • Psychotherapy for feelings of helplessness, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression arising out of traumatic events, and for chronic pain following injury.
  • Assessment of emotional coping difficulties or psychological disorders which affect an individual's ability to function personally or professionally.
  • Comprehensive psychovocational assessments which investigate the client’s aptitudes, current academic functioning (literacy and numeracy), interests, personality, and general ability. Such assessments also assist in the development of suitable vocational goals which provide realistic occupational or training suggestions.