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Couples Therapy

Relationships are often difficult to maintain in today’s rapidly changing social world. As needs and desires change over time, so do the pressures that couples face; and relationships that initially worked well sometimes get into difficulty because of the stress of unrelenting change. Psychotherapy can be very effective in helping to improve communication, to better understand each other’s needs, and to develop healthy ways of dealing with conflict. A psychological approach typically addresses more than just current disputes within the relationship for the goal is to help develop the means to deal successfully not only with current incompatibility but with future issues that naturally will arise and challenge any relationship.

As an LGBTQ+ positive space, we also employ out and allied clinicians with specialized knowledge, skills, and resources.

Meet Our Team

Our assessment and therapy services are conducted by an experienced team of clinicians who joined FVB Psychologists after gaining many years of valuable experience in the public sector; for example, working in hospitals, universities, rehabilitation centres, social service agencies, and community-based clinics.

As a team, we are able to offer a rich, experience-based range of clinical services.

Meet Our Team