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photo of Dr. Shelley Rhyno
Dr. Rhyno has extensive experience and training in assessment and treatment across the lifespan. Dr. Rhyno is also a consulting psychologist to numerous police services.

Dr. Shelley Rhyno, PhD, C. Psych.

Dr. Rhyno is a registered psychologist with extensive experience and training in assessment and treatment across the lifespan. She comes from Manitoba where she was in practice for 10 years. Dr. Rhyno has a unique set of clinical and leadership skills across a broad spectrum of organizations and populations (serving in leadership positions within the Mental Health and Addictions healthcare system and serving the clinical needs of geographically and culturally-diverse populations). She is versed in a number of different therapeutic modalities/approaches and seeks to work collaboratively with clients to find the best fit for them on their recovery journey.

Having been trained in a variety of objective assessment protocols, Dr. Rhyno’s assessment services include cognitive, personality, diagnostics, trauma, learning disabilities, and various aspects of psychological/social functioning with an aim towards concrete and achievable recommendations to individuals and the systems within which they live. She has provided assessment and therapy services to a variety of organizations and individuals including Child and Family Services, disAbility Services, policing agencies and other first responders (corrections, paramedics, firefighters), insurance companies, the Canadian military, community-based health organizations, Workers’ Compensation Services, and schools. Dr. Rhyno currently coordinates FVB Psychologists' consulting to numerous police services.

Dr. Rhyno provides treatment for a wide range of mental health issues using numerous evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, evidence-based trauma therapies, acceptance and commitment therapy, play therapy, mindfulness, dialectic behavioural techniques, and brief psychodynamic therapy. Her fundamental philosophy of care provision is that recovery - both personal and clinical - is possible with hope within the context of providing a culturally-safe, trauma- informed environment in which people can effectively return to healthy, functional living. Dr. Rhyno also provides education and training to organizations and individual groups. Topics have included multidisciplinary team building, development of interdisciplinary team leadership and organizational problem solving, behavior modification for parents and teachers, as well as clinical competency training for mental health staff and other health care professionals.

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