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Sometimes  parents or guardians contact us with a request for a specific kind of therapy approach based on their concerns regarding their child.  Other times parents are worried that their child is unhappy and they may be unsure what the problem actually is. Generally, this will become a counselling or therapy referral, with consultation provided to the parents.  Initially, our receptionist will ask that the parents attend the first meeting without  their child, to discuss their concerns in detail, to discuss the child’s developmental history, and to determine how best to proceed.  In some cases, the clinician may speak with you before the initial meeting.  After the parent meeting, we generally meet a couple of times with the child or children, then meet again with the parents to discuss the impressions, and embark on a plan of action.  Often this treatment plan will include a series of sessions for the child/parents/family.  However, if we believe you and your child need other forms of intervention or consultation, we will make specific recommendations to you (e.g., consultation to the school team,  a medical consultation,  community-based services referral).

A number of treatment approaches may be implemented, depending on the needs of the child/adolescent and their family, and the clinician’s judgement about what approach will be most helpful for the particular problem.  These approaches include individual therapy for the child or adolescent or play therapy for a young child, family therapy, parent-child sessions, and guidance and behavioural management sessions for parents.

If you have more questions about the general referral  process, or wish to make a referral,  we invite you to contact our office.